News From The American Redoubt:

Democrat Boise Mayor Bieter has publicly announced he is looking forward to the impact these immigrants will have on Idaho. Elections are coming up in a few days, and Judy Peavy Derr is the only candidate opposing this economical, cultural, health, and criminal assault on our community. As usual, the Idaho Statesman newspaper has chosen not to oppose or discuss anything politically controversial. It will require unity of all of Idaho’s reform organizations to rally and halt the alien invasion that is promoted by democrats and Idaho’s rinos and being unleashed on our state. Idaho & America’s Destruction Now At A Whole New Level !

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Sent in by RBS: Oregon Girl Tests Positive for Bubonic Plague

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SurvivalBlog reader D.S. sent in this link about a local Adams county rancher that was shot and killed by Sheriff’s deputies. This story has some very odd issues in it, and the story needs more detail. We’ll be watching this one.

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It seems the news out of the Redoubt this week is mostly bad with another death on the hands of authorities: Lawsuit Says Man Died After Begging Jailers For Three Weeks For Medical Aid

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