News From The American Redoubt:

Over at the excellent Paratus Familia blog comes a great how-to article for those who live in regions where Camas bulbs grow: Camas Fields of Blue.

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Montana court strikes down last piece of anti-immigrant law – Sent in by B.B.

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Tourists kidnap baby bison and put it in their car because it looked cold

JWR’s Comment: Note the pristine interior of the Toyota Sequoia. It was undoubtedly a rental.

Reader A.S. submitted a further update on the issue. Note that the baby bison was abandoned by its mother after the incident and had to be put down due to over familiarity with people. It’s another case of “killing by kindness” from people who have no clue about wildlife.

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Idahoans for Liberty has released its list of preferred candidates for the upcoming election. Submitted by C.T.