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The Freedom March Continues! (Study this animated map. We are winning.) The recent success in the enactment of Constitutional Carry in Idaho (going into effect on July 1st) was good news. It set the stage for similar laws to be passed in other western, mid-western, and southern states. But the law was far from perfect. It did not include permitless concealed carry on college campuses. This leaves college students vulnerable at Gun Free Zones. (Read: Possible future massacre sites.) It also neglected to allow gun owners visiting from out of state to exercise their rights. I believe that the next logical steps in this ongoing struggle for individual liberty are, in sequence: 1.) Reciprocity between all states that recognize Constitutional Carry. 2.) Recognition of Constitutional Carry rights for visitors from contiguous states (recognizing that people often cross over for shopping and social visits), and 3.) Finally, Recognition of Constitutional Carry rights for visitors from ALL states. Contact your legislators. Remind them that they are elected to be the representatives of your will. – JWR

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Malheur Eyewitnesses Reject Allegations Of $6 Million In Damages. – Sent in by RBS

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Oregon PERS unfunded liability swells to $21 billion. – RBS

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Free Set of Idaho Law Books (12,500 Pounds! Located in Sagle, Idaho)

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Reader SMD pointed us to Claire Wolfe’s recent post with some background on Idaho’s new Constitutional Carry law.

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