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Could Connecticut Gun Laws Spark Another Waco? – B.B.

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That wonderful commie-state of Maryland has just gone off the deep end!

The 2% of the population has just forced their self-important rights to trump the rights and safety of the entire majority. Time for all Maryland women to be aware of this law and the necessity of heightened situational awareness. This also means that any woman entering a rest room or locker room should now carry at least one form of personal protection. – L.S.

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Fascinating technology for low cost/sustainable buildings..and it looks “futuristic” too.

For those who have land and looking to add structures, fast and cheap, maybe worth considering as an alternative to traditional buildings. – B.H.

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Check out the The NW Preparedness Expo in Prosser, WA – May 2-3 at the Walter Clore Center. NWPreparednessexpo.com

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North Carolina drivers could be charged by the mile

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