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JWR Notes: The recent arrest of Democrat California State Senator Leland Yee on corruption and gun-running charges is beyond ironic. He’s just the latest in a long string of leftist gun-grabbing politicians, who have double standards on guns. They want to disarm the masses, while at the same time they are protected by pistol-toting bodyguards, and carve out special privileges for their cronies. Perhaps the worst of this can be seen in New York City, where for decades a key political favor has been bestowing a pistol permit to “special people.” This, one can safely assume, must require some surreptitious palm greasing. (Note: New York has two levels of pistol permits. Most only allow keeping a pistol in a house or apartment, but if you buy in at a higher level of “contributions”, you can get a permit to carry out on the street. They don’t hand these out to people who work for a living.)

It turns out that State Senator Yee was involved in a plot to traffic guns to the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (Must be some of the bad guys from the novel Expatriates.)

Of course, the whiny liberal apologists will claim that it wasn’t a REAL conspiracy, just one created by the FBI sting, so State Senator Yee and Shrimp Boy (the “former” Chinese gangster) must be innocent.

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Supreme Court: No Guns For Any Domestic Violence Offenders – B.B.

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The second largest small arms propellant manufacturer in the world remains evacuated as a French hazardous materials company slowly continues to wet down and clear the site, hoping to avoid triggering a secondary blast or fire. An exclusion area extending 350 meters from the perimeter of the factory, affecting 31 homes, has been mandated until Wednesday afternoon at 4:00 PM, and may be extended. A local news site says it is impossible to know when the clean-up will be finished, as each step of the clean-up has to be verified before they can advance. One hopeful estimate suggests that the company’s rifle propellant line will be out of commission for just 90 days, though few industry sources seem to believe that this is a realistic figure. – KTO

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If you thought the next generation of youth would come to their senses… College Students Fail to Name a Single U.S. Senator. What makes it even more humiliating is that it is from American University, inside the beltway. – H.L.

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