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Researchers’ Google Glass Spyware Sees What You See. – T.Y.

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Video: Bad education: School workbook redefines Second Amendment. – T.J.

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Continuing the conversation of the militarization of the police, SurvivalBlog received two links:

From B.B. – An article on the militarization of the police in America by John Silveira, and from S.M. the uncensored video of the the APD shooting of an Albuquerque homeless man. WARNING: This video is graphic. After viewing the video, I must describe what I felt as outrage. I can only conclude that if you are mentally ill and you have a run-in with some members of this police department, you are as good as dead. This police chief needs to be investigated as well as the cops who participated.

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Colorado joins 18 other states in introducing legislation that forces vaccination of children. My issue with it isn’t so much that I distrust the vaccines (although I do distrust some) but that I don’t want the government removing my choice as a parent. – H.L.

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States move to Ban Drone Assisted Hunting

“The issue unites two groups, which are typically at odds. Animal rights activists believe drone-assisted hunting is cruel, while many hunters’ groups believe it is cheating.”

A SurvivalBlog reader adds: “Actually, it unites THREE groups. The third group being Americans who don’t want to be hunted by drones.”

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