Odds ‘n Sods:

So what happens when you chamber and shoot a .300 BLK in a .223? Just because it fits, doesn’t mean if fits. – Mike Williamson (Survivablog’s Editor-At-Large)

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Also from Mike Williamson- How to survive a nuclear bomb: An update on “Duck and Cover”

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Time ran an article showing that the entire U.S. powergrid could be taken down with as few as nine substation attacks. – D.T.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding this exposure. There are many claiming that Time was irresponsible in reporting this weakness, but I tend to fall in the other camp. Having dealt with software most of my career, I am keenly aware how little organizations will do to fix known vulnerabilities when they remain hidden. As the saying goes, security by obfuscation is not real security.

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The CIA Reminds Us Who’s Boss– G.P.

It seems Feinstein really likes the CIA, except when they are spying on her.

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This idea seems to have possibilities: DIY carbon tape Taser-proof jacket – MKP

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