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Not bad for a prototype: Watch a Fully Automatic Electromagnetic Pulse Rifle Demolish a Laptop – RBS

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S.C. sent these two articles in with the statement: “I realize that there are many factors that affect both situations. However, I think that these two articles give a good idea as to the twisted views of our country. I feel ashamed to live in a country who will not allow a seven year old boy, who is fighting for his life, the medication that he needs. While, on the same day, the attorney general pushes for a drug to be widely distributed to assist people who have overdosed on illegal drugs. This is a sad state of affairs.”

Drug company refuses to give lifesaving medication to 7-year-old boy

Heroin overdoses pose ‘urgent public health crisis,’ US attorney general says

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Two Americans Convicted of Economic Espionage for China – B.R.

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I’m not sure about the validity of this, and it might just be a self-fulfilling prophecy, but… Think the ammo market is about to get better? Think again.

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An interesting video on a very small number: 0.00672%: Why Concealed Carry Permit Holders Will Want to Hear About Such a Small Number From a Former Navy SEAL

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