Odds ‘n Sods:

An anonymous reader sent in a list of ammunition makers that are based out of Ukraine and will probably see shortages or shipping delays due to the current crisis:

Wolf/WPA/UCW ,Tulammo,Red Army/RASU,Brown Bear, Herters, MFS Ammunition, Russian 223

Note: SurvivalBlog has not confirmed that there are any interruptions in the supply of any of these brands. We are not even sure that all of these brands have origination points within Ukraine.

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Krayton Kerns on Ukraine/USA: Sit

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A roughly 25-minute audio interview with Dr. Paul Craig Roberts worth listening to on Ukraine: Ukraine rightest are nazi’s

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Court Orders Allows School to Ban Clothing With American Flag.

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K.W. sent in this link on Starting A Farm: Looking for Land, courtesy of “Farm & Dairy”

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