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A number of people have sent in this link to Selco’s Blog, True Nature of Survival. It is particularly relevant because of the conflicts that we are seeing in Ukraine and Valenzuela. If your main concern is your survival or that of your family, then it makes perfect sense. My problem with it is that it is from a pretty self-centered perspective. If our founding fathers had held to the same ideals, the revolution would have died a quick, crushing death. The supposition is that you cannot affect the outcome, so don’t even try. Yes, there is seemingly senseless death that occurs in times of war, revolution, and civil unrest, but from the blood of those Patriots willing to stand up to the atrocities committed upon them can rise up an uncommon movement of common people so profound that they affect the entire world for generations to come. We have seen it here in our own land and have ridden on the coat tails of these giants among men. Every founding father of the U.S. could have been tried and hanged for treason. That’s what makes a patriot stand out. On the flip side, not every conflict is worth fighting. If there is no moral high ground to take, then ducking the head may be the best option.

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K.F. sent in this video about bushcraft gear: My Backpacking and Bushcraft Gear

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P.R. sent in the links to this video seris on homesteading in 1883: Frontier House – FULL SERIES . It’s quite interesting to see some of the challenges they overcome.

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For those who like to use recycled pallets as firewood, this homemade prybar could be useful – R.J.

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