Odds ‘n Sods:

DGC sent in Who Will Protect You From The Police? The Rise Of Government-Sanctioned Home Invasions along with this note:

“Some of you I am writing to are fathers, as am I. This situation is so very terrible I don’t know where to begin. This is not what American is supposed to be. We all need to do something about this; each of us has a responsibility as citizens in a Republic to speak up when these things are happening. I am sending this link with an email and some quotes from the bill of rights and our founding fathers on the topic to the following: my two federal senators, my federal congressman, my state senator, my governor, and my county sheriff. If you are urban, I encourage you to also send it to your municipal police and mayor.”

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The Next Last of the Mohicans?, sent in by MCB

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SQF sent this in – The Conspiracy Behind Government Ammunition Purchases

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DB sent in a comment worth passing on. He noticed in pictures of pantries and storage areas that he has seen, most have no restraint to keep shelf items from falling off during severe ground movement (earthquake, bomb, et cetera). It is especially important if you use glass jars to store preps.

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JLM sent in this link to the Underground Medic suggesting it’s time to stock up for the coming food shortages and price hikes.

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