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Sent in by MGB: http://remineralize.org/

Read the rock dust primer. Also read the article on biochar and rockdust. In the article they talk about mixing compost, biochar and rock dust.

FYI I was able to find a source for rock dust, not from dolomite, but just rocks from the ground. Elam Sand and Gravel in West Bloomfield. All others I called had rock dust from dolomite (limestone).

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The FCC is sounding a lot like Joseph Goebbels to me – JBG

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Venezuela is also suffering much the same as Ukraine. Andreina Nash has produced a politically charged video titled What’s going on in Venezuela in a nutshell and posted it on YouTube detailing her feelings. Warning: This video is age-restricted due to violent content. – J.W.

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Gibbs Humdinga amphibious truck sailing toward production

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L.P. sent in this link to animated gifs showing the inner workings of a 1911 through animated graphics. It’s a great primer for those who are curious.

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