Odds ‘n Sods:

Reader JBR sent: Automated License Plate Recognition technology is advancing at a gallop. JWR’s Comment: For potentially dark days ahead, it is prudent to think through countermeasures such as mud splotches that obscure a couple of license plate digits, or of course out-of state registration. (Just one more reason to set up a family trust.)

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Readers may have noticed that my FAQ articles are living documents but they are only sporadically updated. Most recently, I updated the European Ammo Box Translations FAQ with a detail that was kindly sent to me by reader Christoper B., who wrote: “…you have a question mark for the abbreviation ‘RDF.’  You may find the explanation of that term here, which reads in part, ‘It was supplied as Lot 2 of 1928 by a supposedly unidentified maker with the code ‘Rdf.’ – the Rheindorf factory of Dynamit Nobel.'”

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One of the members of my local shooting club recently received another large order from the cleverly-named vendor United Nations Ammunition Company, in Arizona. This time he bought their linked USGI .50 BMG ammo, but he has also previously bought some of their .308 ammunition. Both types of ammunition were linked four rounds of ball alternating with one round of tracer. This is brand new, 2012 production, from Lake City Arsenal!

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Off to Leavenworth: Another one of Mike Bloomberg’s “Crime Fighting” anti-gun mayors goes to prison today: Former Hamilton Mayor John Bencivengo will report to prison camp on May 30th. I find it ironic how many members of Mayors Against Illegal Guns can no longer legally own guns, because they are convicted felons. (So they consider our guns to be legal guns, while in fact it is their guns that are truly illegal guns. Herr Dr. Freud had a word for that.) Oh, and some related news gives new meaning to the word mercenary: Top Republican Strategist Cashing Checks To Help Destroy Gun Rights… Speaking of liberal claptrap, see: This Is How the NRA Ends: A bigger, richer, meaner gun-control movement has arrived. And let me get this straight: If 3 million guys and gals join a club that lobbies congress and contributes to election campaigns, they say that is unfair political pressure and an evil “gun lobby.” But if one billionaire pays 90% of the bills for a club joined by 975 mayors that lobbies congress and contributes to election campaigns, then that is just good “activism”?

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Backlash: Lawmakers facing recall bids over strict gun laws in Colorado.