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Reader John C. recommended the wool Boreal Shirts made by Lester River Bushcraft. These are very sturdy, American-made, and in a color that blends in well in many environments.

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Stand by for some revelations about another one of Mikey Bloomberg’s “crime-fighting” mayors: Federal investigation of Pittsburgh police reaches Ravenstahl’s office. How many dirty mayors will it take before Mayors Against Illegal Guns loses any remaining shred of credibility? Meanwhile we read: Gov. Cuomo proposes anti-corruption bill that would ban convicted bribers from state business. Gee, if they can’t stop their many corrupt mayors from taking bribes, then perhaps they can stop companies from offering bribes. Oh, and in other news, thrice-convicted former Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick is still whining, but that is hardly a news flash.

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Laura D. suggested: Making fuel donuts with shredded paper and water.

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Jeff H. sent: The mass exodus of Christians from the Muslim world

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New Yorker reveals Aaron Swartz-inspired system to protect sources

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