Economics and Investing:

B.B. sent this article about the latest $30 Billion expansion to the MOAB: U.S. Bails Out Major Credit Unions

Sherman Oaks enters correction phase. $1,200,000 home now selling for $720,000.

Tamara (over at the excellent View From The Porch blog) posted a link to an amazing video that shows a labor union hiring minimum wage non-union protestors to picket Wal-Mart for paying minimum wage and being non-union.

Warren Buffett: We’re Still in a Recession Despite What Officials Say. (Thanks to Brett G. for the link.)

KAF sent this: China Allows Banks to Sell Loans on Interbank Market; 21 Lenders Sign On

Items from The Economatrix:

Gold & Silver Are Sounding The Alarm

Currency Crisis Has Begun

Irish Economy Faces Double-Dip Recession

US Dollar Slumps Amid Gloomy Economic Prospects

US Dollar Hits New Low Against Yen After Fed Says Will Print More Money