Economics and Investing:

Is this the path that America is on? Despite poor economic news and ongoing protests, Caracas’ stock exchange grew 452 percent in 2013. (From an “alternative news source” with an anti-U.S. agenda) – J.S.

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What happened to the traditional home buyer? California has the highest percentage of young adults living at home with parents. Existing home sales collapse.

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Items from The Economatrix:

People Have No Idea A Terrifying Global Meltdown Is Coming

The US Is Trying To Pass A Bill That Will Protect Banks From Toxic Real Estate Loans As The Real Estate Bubble Is About To Burst

Can The Young Atlas Support The Heavy Burden Of An Aging Population? 58 Million Americans Currently Receiving Social Security Benefits. Over Half Of Elderly Beneficiaries Receive 50 Percent Or More Of Their Income From Social Security.