Economics and Investing:

Ammo shortage continues across U.S.

At Barron’s: This Time, Gold Bugs May Have a Point

“Scrutinize those Tea Party types? I’ll get right on it, sir!”. (And now she is pleading the Fifth Amendment.)

Fierce Finance reports: Delays at all levels in mortgage settlements

More mindless blathering over at Rachel Maddow’s site: Deficit reduction picks up speed. Gosh, could part of this “great success” be due to the fact that they’ve more than doubled the money supply by creating money out of thin air with Quantitative Easing in the past three years? To extend this logic, if they just magically created a few more trillion bucks, we could see a budget surplus. Accounts will be balanced. Order will be restored to the universe. Happy days will be here again!

Items from The Economatrix:

Jobless Claims Rise Slightly This Week

Gas Prices to Keep Falling Through June

Fed Prepping Markets for an End to QE?

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