Economics and Investing:

Bank of America to face $7 billion claim by AIG

H.L. sent: Feds Charge Eight in $45 Million Cyber Crime Scheme. The article begins: “In one of the biggest ever bank heists, a global cyber crime ring stole $45 million from two Middle Eastern banks by hacking into their credit card processing firms and withdrawing money from ATMs in 27 countries…”

The U.S. has Spent $8 Trillion Protecting the Straits of Hormuz

No “Peak Natural Gas” Anytime Soon

Jim W. sent a microcosm for the national mindset of borrowing money to pay for past promises as if there will be no consequences.  Of course the “gimmie” crowd is all for it: Portsmouth council approves bond sale for pensions

Items from The Economatrix:

Schiff:  2/3 Of America To Lose Everything Because Of This Crisis

Now Obama Wants Your Pension

Sinclair:  The Elites Frightening Plan To Control The Masses

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