Economics and Investing:

A revenue-versus-spending chart recently posted by the editors of Zero Hedge shows just how deep a hole our legislators have dug for successive generations. The U.S. Dollar is doomed, folks. It is wise to diversify into practical, durable, and barterable tangibles!

At Zero Hedge: “The Captain” Says Goodbye: The Full Final Edition Of The Privateer. (Thanks to B.B. for the lnk.)

Staples Starts Selling 3D Printers

Items from The Economatrix:

Overhyped Q1 GDP Grows By Only 2.5%, Biggest Miss To Expectations Since 9-1-1

Record 1 Out Of 5 American Households On Food Stamps

Mints, Refineries, Brokerages Out Of Stock – COMEX Gold Inventories Plummet

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