Economics and Investing:

“QE to Infinity, and Beyond!” Here are two interesting articles: Fed Keeps Interest Rates Low, Continues Bond Buying Program and How long will interest rates stay low? JWR’s Comments: The risk of rising interest rates represents a huge unknown. The Federal debt is now just barely manageable only because of artificially low interest rates. If interest rates begin to rise before the public debt is reduced to less than 60% of GDP, then the game is over. At that juncture the debt will be unserviceable and the only means of escape for our government and the Fed banking cartel will be mass inflation. So get out of Dollars and into tangibles (guns, ammunition, silver, et cetera), soon.

Ditch Basel Bank Rules, Just Raise Capital, Vitter Says

Some trivia: The Wikipedia page on The American Redoubt has been updated with a picture of The American Redoubt silver coin. Looks nice.

Items from The Economatrix:

Jim Rogers:  ‘Race To Insanity’ Producing ‘Artificial’ Market Gains

COMEX Hurtling Towards Default And People Will Be ‘Settled’ With Dollars, No More Metal Will Be Delivered

Child Hunger Is Exploding In Greece…And 14 Signs That It Is Starting To Happen In America Too

US Economy Revved Up, But It’s Probably Temporary

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