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JWR’s Roll of Essential Links and Resources:

JWR’s Roll of Essential Links and Resources:

~Includes Web Sites and Blogs~


Disclaimer: Links controlled by third parties are offered solely as a convenience to our readers and are not necessarily endorsed by SurvivalBlog.

My Original Web Site:

The Ever-Growing Blogroll (In no particular order…)
JC Refuge
Rural Revolution (Patrice Lewis)
Preparedness Advice
Paratus Familia (Enola Gay’s blog)
Radio Free Redoubt
The Independent (an aggregation of self-reliance/homesteading/simple living/preparedness/survival site links.)
Salvation And Survival: A Woman’s Perspective On The Times We Live In
My Family Survival Plan
The Fifth Stage Blog
Ann Barnhardt
Pro Libertate (William Norman Grigg)
The Last Frontier
EMMT: Emergency Management Mitigation Team
My Adventures in Self Reliance
WTSHTF (Captain America’s blog.)
New Rhodesia Dispatch
Subsistence Pattern
In Case Of Emergency, Read Blog (The late John D. Solomon’s blog)
Survival & Prosperity
Knowledge is the Killer of Fear
The Silicon Graybeard
Maddened Fowl
Mausers and Muffins
The Incendiary Insight
The Real REVO
Prudent Home
The Prepper Journal
Collapse Survival and Preparedness (SurvivalistSam’s blog)
Survival Lady
Tamara’s View From The Porch

Security Whip
The Geek’s Guide to Preparedness
The Adaptive Curmudgeon
Michael Nystrom’s Bull (Not-Bull)
Free Market Economics In A Story
Of Two Minds (Charles Hugh Smith)
Steve Quayle
Be A Survivor Blog
Ruminations Blog
Code Name Insight
Rocky Mountain Survival Institute

Financial Arrmageddon blog (Michael J. Panzner)
No Money, No Worries
Derivative Dribble (Charles Davi)
The Freeholder
Off Grid Survival
Target Rich Environment

The Suburban Prepper
Commander Zero
The DIY Blog
Doctor Housing Bubble
Possum Living
Preparedness Now
Wealth Planning For Preppers
The Sleuth Journal
Mayberry’s Keep It Simple Survival!
Blog Chez Jacq’ (Cap’n Jacq)
Musings of a Mountain Mama
Gully’s Borg Blog
Blog Idaho
N.Y.C. Survival
Revolutionary War Veterans Association Weblog
Little Blog In The Big Woods (30 years experience living off-grid)
Vault-Co (Arcane’s Blog)
That Was Awkward
Section Hiker
Actions By T (Teddy Jacobson)
Chaos Manor (Jerry Pournelle)–The Web’s Original Blog!
Dave’s Picks
The TechnoFascismBlog
Parallax Adjustment.Blog
Biblical Agrarianism
DefenseTech Blog (They discuss everything from body armor and IEDs to major procurements)
The View From North Central Idaho (Joe Huffman)
My Solar Village (Mel Riser’s Blog)
DFW Preppers and Survivors
The Survival Tribe
Random Nuclear Strikes
The Truth Laid Bear
Thus I Have Spoken
Airborne Combat Engineer
Hillbilly Housewife
Global Economic Trend Analysis blog (Mish Shedlock)
Paul Krugman’s Blog (A liberal bloggers that is grounded in hard facts.)
The Survivalist Blog
Total Survivalist Libertarian Rantfest blog
SHTF Blog (Ranger Man’s blog)
Ingen fare (In Norwegian)
The Other Side of Kim du Toit
Truth and Common Sense
The Wagon Teamster–One man and four horses, traveling America.
Gerald Celente videos
A Girl And Her Gun
Free Market Economics
Granny Miller — Katherine Grossman shares traditional agrarian self-reliance and practical skills

Alternative Energy / Photovoltaics / Micro-Hydro / Wind Power / Solar Heating:

Ready Made Resources
Mayflower Trading Company
ZappWorks (Nickel-Iron Batteries, made in Montana.)
IronEdison (Nickel-Iron Batteries, made in Colorado.)
Secure Power Protection
Home Power magazine
Backwoods Solar Electric Systems
Survival Solar Systems
Real Goods
My Solar Village (Mel Riser’s Blog)
Northern Tool & Equipment

Ammunition and Reloading Brass:
Midwest Outfitters
Special Arms and Munitions
Sunflower Ammo
Precision Brass
AIM Surplus
Cheaper Than Dirt
Dan’s Ammo
J&G Sales
Natchez Shooter Supply
The Sportsman’s Guide
Unlimited Hunter

Ammunition Storage Cans:

Antique (pre-1899) Guns:
The Pre-1899 Specialist
Empire Arms

Appliances (Traditional, Non-Electric, and Low Voltage):

ATVs, Motorcycles, & Accessories: 4WD Parts
ATV Info & Links Page

Bags and Cases

Maxpedition Hard Use Gear
The Vest Guy

Ballistics Tests

Bullet Drop Tables
Ballistics By The Inch
Box O’ Truth
Wound Ballistics Review
Wound Ballistics Resorces at the Firearms Tactical Institute

Battlefield Survival Skills:
Survive The War
Sniper Country (long range shooting and fieldcraft)
Get Off The X Forums
“Ranger Rick” F. Tscherne’s Ranger Digest

Body Armor:
Ballistic Clipboards

Best Prices Storable Foods
Fred’s M14 Stocks
Ready Made Resources
The Ark Institute (Dr. Geri Guidetti)
Abebooks (UK)
I.C.E. Free Books (Dr. Gary North)
Life After The Oil Crash Bookstore

Canning and Dehydrating:
Mayflower Trading Company

See The SurvivalBlog Charity Page

See The SurvivalBlog Prayer Page and…
The Bible–God’s Word
Holy Bible – King James Version
The Online Parallel Bible
Grace Baptist Church, Fremont, California (Reformed Baptist) – Sermons available in MP3 format, for free download.
Sovereign Grace Baptist Church, San Jose, California (Reformed Baptist) – Sermons available in MP3 format, for free download.
Credenda Agenda (Doug Wilson/Christ Church, Moscow, Idaho)
Desiring God – John Piper sermon transcripts and MP3s
Calvinistic Church Directory
Ligonier Ministries (R.C. Sproul)
Blue Letter Bible
Koinonia House Online
King James Version Word List
Center for Reformed Theology
The 1599 Geneva Bible
Spurgeon’s Sermons

Clothing and Boots:
EM Gear
Wiggy’s Boots
US Cavalry Store (Multicam clothing and packs, all reasonably priced)
“The Human Swiss Army Knife.” He regularly carries 1,300 compact survival items in his clothes.

Commo Gear/Radios/Scanners:
American Preparedness Radio Net
Prepared Ham
Centerfire Antennas
Affordable Shortwaves
Martronics (Dave Martin)
MURS Radios
Fair Radio Sales (They often have TA-1 / TA-312 field telephones and WD-1/TT commo wire)
Rocky Mountain Reliable (Low Power FM)
Welcome to Ken’s Electronics
Welcome to Cobra!
Radio Relics

Contrarian Investing:
See my Investing page for several great links

Defense Technology:
DefenseTech Blog (They discuss everything from body armor to IEDs to major procurements)
Defense Review
Special Operations Technology

Dogs and Dog Training:
Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Animal Behavior College

Earthquake Survival:
Practical tips on how to survive an earthquake

Emergency/Terror Alerting:
Alerts, USA

Fallout and Farraday Shelters:
Ready Made Resources

Field Gear/Camping Gear/Sleeping Bags/Tents:
JRH Enterprises
Mayflower Trading Company
Maxpedition Hard Use Gear
Green Mountain Gear
EM Gear
The Vest Guy
Shepherd Survival Supplies
Carter Cutlery – Custom blades and knifemaking courses
Bear Basin Outfitters (Binoculars, Shooting Glasses, Spotting Scopes, etc.) (Multicam clothing and packs, all reasonably priced)
Cheaper Than Dirt!
Lehman’s Outfitters
Cheaper Than Dirt! Boots
US Cavalry Store
“The Human Swiss Army Knife.” He regularly carries 1,300 compact survival items in his clothes.

Maxpedition Hard Use Gear
Homemade Firearm Cleaners & Lubricants
Green Mountain Gear
EM Gear
Urban ERT Slings
Bear Basin Outfitters
Cheaper Than Dirt!
The FAL Files
CGW (FAL and AK-smithing, Custom Coatingsm, and Trijicon Scopes)
D.S. Arms
Arizona Response Systems (Glock Grip Reductions, FAL-smithing, Custom Coatings)
Orion Tactical
Northeast Shooters
Jeff Cooper’s Writings
KT Ordnance
What a Country!
GunsAmerica, The Honor System Gun Classifieds
Gun Owners Information (Information for gun owners and buying tips)
Fulton Armory (Devoted to .30 caliber/8mm Browning beltfeds, but they also discuss other guns, and even EMP!)
Mosher Gun Shop
Tactical Inc. (Suppressors and Ruger 10/22 Accessories)
The Idaho Boomershoot (You gotta love Idaho–where it is legal to shoot at high explosives!)
Fred’s M14 Stocks
Actions By T. (Teddy Jacobson)
King Glock
Sharp’s Saddles (Holsters, scabbards, and ammo pouches)

Firearms and Tactical Training:
Front Sight
The Appleseed Project
Western Rifle Shooters Association
onPoint Tactical
Holland’s (Michael Bane)
Special Operation Training Services (S.O.T.S.)
Eagle Personal Protection
rec.guns FAQ Home Page
DoD Civilian Marksmanship Program
Colorado School of Trades (Gunsmithing courses)
The Idaho Boomershoot
Second Amendment Page

First Aid/Surgical Gear:
JRH Enterprises
Ready Made Resources
Mayflower Trading Company
Green Mountain Gear
EM Gear
Civil Defense Supplies

First Aid/Surgical Training:
Medical Corps
Rohrmüller Medical
(in Norway)

Food Preparation/Cooking/Food Mills:
Mayflower Trading Company
Ready Made Resources

Best Prices Storable Foods
Hillbilly Housewife

Food Storage Techniques:
Alan T. Hagan’s Food Storage FAQ
MRE Information

Food Storage Vendors:
Freeze Dry Guy
JRH Enterprises
Ready Made Resources
Mayflower Trading Company
Best Prices Storable Foods
EM Gear
A-Pack (Civilian MRE equivalents)
Healthy Harvest
Walton Feed

Survival Bill’s Forums (Canada)
AUSurvivalist  (Australia)
New Zealand Preparedness Forum (New Zealand) (England)
Projet Olduvai (France)
EU Preppers (Germany)
Swedish Survivalist Forum för svenskar med survivalistintresse (Sweden)
Alt-Market Forum
Homesteading Today
Mental Militia Forums (formerly The Claire Files)
Silent Country Forums
Adaptive Survivor Forum
Gold Is Money Forums
The SurvivalMonkey Forums
War Rifles
The FAL Files
Survival Forum
Assault Web
Near Death Experiments
Survivalist Forum –
Jericho (TV Series) Yahoo Discussion Group
The Sarah Connor Chronicles (TV Series) Yahoo Discussion Group
Carnival of Preparedness
The Contrary Investor’s Cafe Forums (merged with the Comet Gold Forums).
Falllout Shelter 653
Get Off The X Forums



Seed for Security
Lehman’s (Podcast)
The Ark Institute (Dr. Geri Guidetti) Non-Hybrid Seeds
Subsistence Pattern
Buglogical Beneficial Insect Catalog: Praying Mantid
Thompson and Morgan Ltd
Welcome to Gurney’s Seed & Nursery Company

Ready Made Resources
Northern Tool & Equipment

G.O.O.D. Kits/Bug-Out Bags:
EM Gear

Gun Rights & Political Issues:
National Association for Gun Rights
Gun Owners of America (GOA)
USA Carry (Concealed Carry Law Information)
Jews for the Preservation of Firearms Ownership (JPFO) (Gentiles can join, too!)
Guns and Torah
Pro Tell (Headquartered in Switzerland, but Americans can join, too!)
RWVA – The Freedom Fighter’s Page
Armed Females of America
The National Rifle Association (NRA)

Home Schooling:
Alpha Omega Homeschooling. You can save 11% on all products with Coupon Code TQ9E11
Robinson Curriculum
Help! How Do I homeschool?
Home School Legal Defense Association
Family Tree Private School (a full-service Homeschooloing support group.)

House Building:

Hunting and Fishing:
The Hunt and Fish Blog

See my Investing page for several great links

Jury Rights:
The Fully Informed Jury Association (FIJA)

Cloak and Dagger (The knife biz operated by novelist Michael Z. Williamson and John “the Blacksmith” Eaves)
Ready Made Resources
Cheaper Than Dirt! – Neutral reviews of knives
Carter Cutlery – Custom blades and knifemaking courses
EM Gear
US Cavalry Store
Knife Brigade
Andersen Forge
Sharp’s Saddles (Knives and sheaths)

Knot Tying & Paracord:
Animated Knot Tying

Land Navigation:
onPoint Tactical
Survival Monkey

Ready Made Resources
JRH Enterprises
Mayflower Trading Company
EM Gear
Northern Tool & Equipment
US Cavalry Store
Cheaper Than Dirt!
Garrett Wade

Log Houses:

Backwoods Home
Countryside and Small Stock Journal

Home Power
The Backwoodsman
The Idaho Observer
Full Cry (on hound hunting)

Martial Arts:
Bushidokan – They teach “real world” self defense. JWR’s preferred martial art.
The Martialist
Bullshido: No Contact = No Training!

I.C.E. Free Books (Dr. Gary North) (An ad/marketing copywriter)

News and Opinion:
The Daily Reckoning
World Net Daily
Zero Hedge
The Prudent News
Free Republic
Steve Quayle

Town Hall
Republic Broadcasting Network
Bill O’Reilly
News Max
Swiss America Economic/Financial News
Hugh Hewitt
Recent Earthquakes
BBC World Service
Christian Science Monitor
Asia Times

Night Vision Gear:
JRH Enterprises
Ready Made Resources
Green Mountain Gear
Cheaper Than Dirt!
Eagle Optics
STANO Components, Inc.
Civil Defense Supplies
Bear Basin Outfitters

Non-Electric Appliances:

Non-Lethal Weapons:

Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical Warfare Protection Information and Gear:
Medical Corps
Oregon Institute of Science and Medicine
The American Civil Defense Association (TACDA)
Surviving The Day After Discussion Forum
Doctors for Disaster Preparedness
JRH Enterprises
Ready Made Resources
Shepherd Survival Supplies
HazardID Biological Decontamination Systems
Nuclear War Survival Skills –free downloadable book
My Fallout Shelter

Online Payments:

Payza (We prefer Payzabecause they don’t share PayPal’s anti-gun political agenda.) Our Payza address is:

Ready Made Resources
Eagle Optics
Cheaper Than Dirt!
US Cavalry Store
Bear Basin Outfitters
RCS Optics A full service sports optics source.

Outdoor/Wilderness Survival:
onPoint Tactical
South Mountain Wilderness Survival (Classes)
Sergeant Benton Presents Simple Survival
Leon Pantenburg’s Survival Common Sense Blog
Bushcraft On Fire Video Blog
Canadian Wilderness Survival
Survive The Wild

Survival Monkey
Alpha-Rubicon (A wealth of preparedness and firearms info!)
A-Z of Bushcraft
Frugal Squirrel’s Page
Captain Dave’s Page
Survival Ring (Richard Fleetwood)
AUSurvivalist  (In Australia) (In England)
World Survival Institute
Section Hiker
Survival Zone
US Cavalry Store

Pandemic Preparedness
Protecting Your Family From an Influenza Pandemic, by JWR
HazardID Biological Decontamination Systems
The Ark Institute (Dr. Geri Guidetti)

Police Equipment:

Precious Metals:
Northwest Territorial Mint
The Moneychanger (Franklin Sanders)
JM Bullion
Gainesville Coins

Also See The SurvivalBlog Investing Page

Propane/Natural Gas Appliances:
Ready Made Resources
Backwoods Solar Electric Systems (Steve Willey)
Real Goods

Comprehensive Risk Solutions (CRS)
Anonymizer Safe Surfing Suite (Highly recommended!)
E-mail Privacy
CDT – Privacy Tools
Bugging Frequencies

Retreat Architecture:
Hardened Structures
(Free shed plans)
Joel Skousen

Retreat Real Estate:
SurvivalRealty — SurvivalBlog’s Spin-off Site

Sharp’s Saddles

Sanitation Supplies (Shelter Toilets & Sanitizers)
Ambertracks Technology

Sleeping Bags:

Soap & Soapmaking:
Promised Land Products

Solar Flares:

Storm Shelters:

Masonry Stove Builders

Surplus (U.S. Military, Direct from Uncle Sugar):
U.S. Army DRMO

Survival Fiction
Pulling Through” (Screenplay by JWR)
Jericho Discussion Group
Sarah Connor Chronicles Discussion Group
Michael Z. Williamson
David Crawford (“Lights Out”)
Fred Heiser (“Things Fall Apart”)
ED-Day (An online Avian Influenza Pandemic survival novel from Australia)
I Am Legend
Lucifer’s Hammer by Larry Niven and Jerry Pournelle
Alas, Babylon by Pat Frank (A classic nuke scenario)
The Rackham Files by Dean Ing (includes the text of “Pulling Through” a more modern nuke scenario + a mini nuke survival manual) Not to be confused with my screenplay–also titled “Pulling Through”Some Will Not Die by Algis Budrys (Plague total wipe out scenario)
No Blade of Grass by John Christopher (Massive crop disease/social breakdown scenario, from the British perspective.)
Enemies Foreign and Domestic by Matthew Bracken
Molon Labe! by Boston T. Party
Earth Abides by George Stewart
Vandenberg by Oliver Lange (Invasion scenario)
The Weapon by Michael Z. Williamson (SurvivalBlog’s Editor at Large)
Unintended Consequences by John Ross (This otherwise excellent novel was marred by some vulgarity and gratuitous sex scenes. Beware!)
Atlas Shrugged by Ayn Rand
Wolf And Iron by Gordon Dickson
The Andromeda Strain by Michael Crichton

Survival/Preparedness/Self-Sufficiency (General):
Sharon Iezzi’s Survival and Preparedness Bookmarks Page-Start with this one!
The Survivalist Blog (M.D. Creekmore’s blog)
Survival Top 50
The Prepper Website
Survive The War (battlefield survival skills)
Alpha-Rubicon (A wealth of preparedness and firearms info!)
Frugal Squirrel’s Page
Pioneer Living
The American Prepper’s Network
Survivalism – Wikipedia
Captain Dave’s Page
Survival Ring (Richard Fleetwood)
Ludlow Survivor’s Group (In the UK)
British Survival
Modern Survival (Online-Only Magazine)
AUSurvivalist  (In Australia) (In Germany, auf Deutsch)
Steve Quayle
Blue Wolf
Mrs. Survival
Survival Bill (of Canada)
North Star Preparedness
Modern Survival Blog
Savvy Survivor
Kurt Saxon
TimeBomb 2000
Survival Forum’s Survival, Self-Sufficiency, and Hunting Forum
The Survivalist
The Self Sufficient Family
US Army “Ranger Rick” F. Tscherne’s Ranger Digest
Survival Monkey – Has an emphasis on outdoor survival and land navigation
Rogue Turtle
Build an Ark
Falllout Shelter 653
Eco-Earth (Green Survivalism)
Survival and Self-Reliance (“Live Free”)

SurvivalBlog Merchandise:
SurvivalBlog Gear at Cafe Press (You Been There, You Done That. Now Get the T-Shirt. Doing so will help promote the blog!)

Survival Group Formation and Survivalist Matchmaking:

The Prepper Groups [“Meet-up” page
Resilient Life Groups Page

Free Downloadable Targets from SurvivalBlog

Television Shows and Video Blogs: (Michael Bane)
The Colony
The Lock and Load Show

Tools and Hardware:
Lehman’s (Hand scythes, logsmithing tools, axes, gardening tools, mowers, you name it!)
Northern Tool & Equipment
Knife Off (Knives and Leatherman Tools)
Sherrill Tree (Tree felling rigging and climbing gear for arborists)

Traditional Skills & Hand Powered Tools:
The Librums’s PDF Collection
The Prairie Homemaker
The Backwoodsman

Traps, Snares, Gill Nets, & Fishing Gear:
US Cavalry Store

Uninterruptible Power Supplies:
Secure Power Protection

One With Quad 4WD Parts
Military Vehicle Sales and Appraisal

Veterans Issues:
Wounded Warrior Veterans Directory

Video Surveillance:

Vitamins and Food Supplements
Best Prices Storable Foods
Survival Enterprises

Watches (non-electric)
Endless Safari (a.k.a. “Wound Up in Texas”)

Water Filters/Water Storage/Water Purification/Hand Pumps/Well Buckets:
Ready Made Resources
Best Prices Storable Foods
Mayflower Trading Company

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