Letter: Timing of Collapse

There has been some debate as to whether ‘the Collapse’ will precipitate quickly or not. I think it will depend on the immediate cause of the collapse. I was in the Ba’ath Party Headquarters in Baghdad in 2003 a couple of days after our cruise missiles hit it, starting the war. It was though Saddam Hussein was there watching a movie, but he was not. I walked through the Headquarters, and saw blood and brain tissue on the walls. I found a cruise missile fan blade on the roof. All the carpets, vases, pictures, furniture, et cetera had been stolen, virtually overnight. The system collapsed almost instantly, and it was “each man for himself.” In a military attack or coup d’état, I believe the collapse would be quick. If the collapse is precipitated by a economic depression, on the other hand, which I believe it will be, it will probably be a slow motion collapse. The Weimar Republic, Germany (1919-1933) slowly sank into total economic collapse. People kept thinking that the government knew what it is doing and would correct the problems. Of course, it did not know what to do, and in fact, did precisely the wrong thing (print money), as our government is doing. We are sinking into a big black abyss, as in a slow macabre dance, and the vast majority of people are completely clueless. It is interesting that the Founding Fathers– the very ones who wrote the Declaration of Independence, the Bills of Rights, our Constitution, who were the first Presidents, Senators, Congressmen– were the very ones who most distrusted the government. Now everyone is expected to trust the government, or they will be called a fascist or racist. Do you trust the IRS or the NSA? I sure don’t. I don’t trust them as far as I can throw an elephant. Anyone who does trust them is just being astonishingly naïve. “Pray and pass the ammo.” – Pastor Dave

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