Letter: Revision Eyewear


I’ve been issued many pairs of Revision Sawfly eyewear in the Army. At first, I had no choice but to use them (and didn’t know there were other options out there either). My biggest problem with them is that the lenses didn’t protect me that well on the sides. I’ve had plenty of sand blow into my eyes. However, I’ve served with quite a few who’ve had no issues with the Revision Sawfly’s, and they appeared to fit well on the face.

I do like Revision’s Desert Locust goggles. They work pretty well, keeping dirt and sand out of the eyeballs. I also dig the Wiley X SG-1 in goggle mode.

There are a ton of options out there, from Wiley X, ESS, Oakley, Smith, and so on. Revision is a good brand, at a reasonable enough price to be standard issue in the Army. I have quite a few sets staged with my family’s kits in tough boxes. For what they do, they can definitely compete with the bigger (and more expensive) names. It’s definitely worth checking out which will fit you and work better for you.

Remember, keep at least one spare frame with you with any brand you get. (I had some Oakley M Frame 2’s break on me a few months ago when a helmet they were attached to rolled onto them from the top of a rucksack. Talk about freak occurrences). I tend to have a frame for clear and a frame for tinted to facilitate a quick change. – Z.R.