Letter Re: Your Friends

Good day,

DD’s post was full of stark and poignant remarks and possibilities which resonate with me greatly. It was much like “Why I Won’t Be Charitable When SHTF” by Chris Carrington. I have previously discussed preps with close friends but in hindsight regret this, given that loose lips costs lives. To redress the balance, when opportunity is arising, I’m backtracking by stating that I got a little over interested in the subject and have since come to realize that such a situation is highly improbable (while still emphasizing the importance of preps) and have been compelled to give a lot of the stocked goods away to food banks on the basis that “it was silly to have it going unused when people were in need NOW” or my household used it without rotating/replenishing. This not being a complete falsehood, as some have indeed gone to food bank collections and rotation has slipped of late *slapped wrist*.

In my letter responding to “Why I Won’t Be Charitable…”, I emphasized the importance of knowledge being the asset we can share (prudently of course) and it be a possible increase in OPSEC and not create liability. DD does have a good point, amongst many, concerning time management when he says, “Now they’ll want to be taught. Do you have the time and supplies to teach them to shoot, hunt, build a fire, and so forth?” and what a drain on such a valuable resource they will be. However, this again could be lemons into lemonade. Teach a gal to fish….ask for fish in payment! Teach a guy how to raise rabbits and ask for something in exchange and so on. They’ll be no shortage of extra hands and plenty to occupy them with. Make yourself valuable to those around you, not your physical possessions/preps but you as a person, your skills and intellectual property and if the acquisition of your know-how ever arises in conversation, perhaps it could go something like this:

Other: You seem to know your stuff, how’s that?

You: Oh, it’s started out as a bit of fun. I found it all rather interesting after reading some novels/watching some movies about everything going to hell in a hand-basket. I never had any spare cash to buy the innumerable amount of “stuff” one needs to be ready for something bad but still found it interesting as a subject. Never thought something like this would actually happen and sure wish I’d leveraged some money to get a few important bits and pieces now, that’s a huge regret. Just some extra food at least. I’ve got several novels, they probably cost me enough for two weeks of groceries. Boy, do I feel stupid, ‘cos I can’t eat fiction! (The other person hopefully comes away thinking you are a handy guy to have around and perhaps compelled to look after your interests but also doesn’t see you as a viable target for harassment, theft, ransom and/or blackmail. Hopefully, the grapevine will work its magic by letting others know you’re just as needy as they are and a waste of time and energy for looters and the like but worthwhile in getting to know. Then you can possibly network and barter your time in exchange for anything they have to offer.)

You: Shucks! I’ve got so much to do and no time to do it. I’d love to help you with your food/water shortage problem (security issues, sanitation worries, lack of skills, concerns over transport and so on), but I’ve got a dilemma wrapped in a quandary stuck between problem and a nightmare to deal with myself. Perhaps you could help me with something to free up some time so we can talk?

This is theory of course, and one thing I strongly encourage anyone who intends to integrate with community is to study body language and physical “tells” to detect the underlying intent of people. Additionally, the “grey man” directive/techniques to place upon yourself during such interactions, including those DD outlines with unprepared friends. Grey man considers his words, dress, actions and mannerism carefully and avoids unwanted attention, by all accounts he’s an actor, distorting his true persona and status. If you discuss preps with others, stop this instant; every word could be the equivalent of giving away a #10 can. Find joy in “keeping mum”, just like you do with account passwords and the location of valuables.

Good post DD.

Kind regards survivors.