Letter Re: What’s a Dime Worth?


The contributor states $4 today will buy:

“Now, we ask, when we walk down the aisles of our local grocery store, what’s currently priced for about $4? Let’s start with the staples:

Two gallons of milk

Two or three loaves of bread

Two or three dozen eggs”

I am not sure where he is shopping, but it is obvious it is not in the USA. Milk is closer to $4 for ONE gallon, bread (decent bread) is over $3 a loaf, and eggs are selling from $3-6 a dozen depending on organic/ NON Gmo etc he also writes: For example, if you happen to live in the dairy land capital of Wisconsin, then you may be able to get three or four gallons of milk for your dime. I know you have no control over what folks write, but it makes me CRAZY when people write such things. He was close on the price of pasta though. – P.

HJL Responds: If I hadn’t been buying milk myself for $1.99/gallon, I might think that too. I haven’t bought eggs in a while because we have chickens, but while the normal price for milk is close to $4.00/gallon, there are enough grocery stores around here that there is almost always a sale on. Often I pay more than what is listed in his prices, but that is because I’m picky about some things. However, the hungrier I am, the less picky I get.

I dislike shopping at Walmart, but they will honor any store’s sales flyer. You might check on the policies of your local store because they might do that too.

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