Letter Re: Tulving Post Mortem

Dear SurvivalBlog,

I will be making a stop at my local coin store tomorrow for a pre-64 dollar’s worth of pre-64 coins.

I’m going to pay my bet off to you in style, because you went above and beyond in posting it. – J.N.

o o o


With regard to the recent discussion on taking delivery on precious metal orders. Over the past several years I have purchased junk silver coins and some gold coins at local coin auctions. In some instances I have been able to obtain silver coins at less than spot market prices. This may not be an option for those residing in remote locations, but it has worked well for me. – W.W.

HJL Replies: Auctions can be a “gold mine” when it comes to all sorts of items, especially estate auctions. It does seem that more and more are aware of potential value, and good deals are harder to come by though.

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