Letter Re: The Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat

Hey There!
I really enjoyed reading “Year I Accidentally Grew Wheat”, by Gonzo In Virginia. It’s a familiar scenario to me, as I have learned many valuable and interesting lessons by accident as well. I wanted to comment on one of the things that was mentioned in this great post. At the end o, of the article, he mentions that he now has some knowledge of ways he can use his stored wheat. I have something to add, that I learned by accident myself. If you are using your stored grain for planting (which I did last year) you will discover that there are many, many different kinds of (in this case) hard white wheat. I had at least five different types of wheat in my milling stores. They all had different maturity dates, different mature heights, different head shapes, etc. So, if you are planning to grow wheat, it would be better to buy pure seed wheat and then ever after have pure seed for growing. – Gracie Wray