Letter Re: The Ice Hits the Fan in South Carolina

This piece is a much needed wake up for prepper families that think it is okay for Dad, Mom, Son, Daughter or someone else to do everything…alone.

This warning goes both ways, as I know plenty of men who “go it alone” because that is the way they want it. They haven’t figured out that young man/lady in the house, watching TV or hanging out with his friends, is capable of much more and needs to earn the confidence that practice gives.

If your older children or parents, or your neighbor down the road is counting on you to help them, you are truly going to have to lean on your spouse and kids more to help you. Plus, in a long term situation, you are going to have to stand firm and move them in with you, rather than expend time and fuel, putting yourself in harms way all the while.

I’m not harping on about the individuals described in this fine piece of information. I see this first hand where I live. It’s selfishness on a fathers part to not have his children do what they are capable of doing. One needs to only think about how much they must impart to a young mind before they go into the world on their own and then think about the “what if” situation that happens when a dad dies before the job of raising the young is completed. Be very careful to not raise children that are so self-centered they aren’t out there helping you, and that truly is what it is.

Experience is the best prep you can give them, not a notebook, an electronic toy, or a generator to run their TV’s. Rethink gifts in this light, and perhaps when the bad weather or bad times come, your children will have proper gear and fewer distractions.

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