Letter Re: Tattletale Alarm Systems

Dear Mr. Rawles,
A young friend recommended “Patriots” to me a month ago and, since that time, I’ve consumed it’s two sequels and “How to Survive…”  I was pleased to see that I have followed most if not all of your recommendations without having known them – my endless frustration in life has been to never had an original thought.  In re-reading “Surviving…”, the lighting, alarm and camera chapters, I note that you reference motion detector operated lighting, Dakota Alert MURS systems and webcams but not an alarm system as such.

Back in 2008, as moving day to The American Redoubt was close at hand, I suddenly panicked thinking, “What about security for my U-Haul full of “stuff”?” (By “stuff”, I mean valuable items that the movers wouldn’t handle or those which I did not want them to handle.) Since my move was to include at least 3 nights in low-end motels, the kind that allow dogs, my concerns increased exponentially.  In a sweat, I started web-searching like mad for some sort of portable alarm system that would signal me in my room without alerting or annoying others should the trailer be tampered with.  What I found was a remarkable system, the Tattletale.

The system is designed primarily for contractors who must leave storage units, materials and equipment scattered about remote locations.  The alarm signal is conveyed to a “central station” via the national cell phone network but does not use any single service provider or cell phone number, etc; the central station then alerts you and/or any others you may designate by whatever means you designate.  The alarm signal itself is sent via some sort of cell phone system “side band” that you, with your knowledge of arcane radio mumbo-jumbo, will understand.

The transmitter unit is portable, includes an integral motion detection unit and has battery backup which is good for extended periods.  Furthermore, numerous other devices can be added to this unit, wirelessly, such as additional motion detectors, smoke/fire detectors and locking devices which can be used to secure equipment or outbuildings, etc.

This system will be rendered unusable post-TEOTWAWKI, of course, but is an excellent system till then.  I used my system for more than two years and never had a false alarm.

Thank you for expanding my horizons and especially for scaring the pants off a lot of complacent but otherwise sentient beings and getting them off the dime – a 90% silver dime, that is.

All the best, – Sam

P.S.: The funny part of the story, though I’m loathe to tell it, is that my system arrived on the day of the move so I was not able to figure it out until I arrived in Montana and could finally sit down, focus and follow through.  To use one of your favorite phrases, “needless to say”, I spent several very nervous nights on the road.  Three years ago, I built my retreat: a dugout (“earth sheltered home” to liberal greenies), 3/4th of a mile off the county road, out of sight behind a butte, at the end of a road closely monitored by friends. Therefore, I put my Tattletale contract on hold and have yet to re-install it.  S. 

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