Letter Re: Starting a Small Business, by T & BR


I admire their enthusiasm. As an independent insurance agent I work with lots of successful businesses. Those successful business people have one thing in common and that is focus. If there is a second commonality, it is unequaled knowledge which would be a product of the first. Sure, those people are branched out in other endeavors with a goal of income diversification and asset preservation but only after significant success in the first. Rarely are the alternative investments as lucrative as the first, but they make up for that with security.

Knowledge of how to get a job done is not where you stop. Understanding costs and what jobs will and will not pay for the effort is key. Figuring out who you should do business with is at the heart of success. There are people that you just cannot work with and mutually win. You learn the noises they make and politely bow out.

Getting your fanny handed to you makes the success sweeter. Keep it up.