Letter Re: Some Thoughts on Water Conservation WTSHTF

Here are some random thoughts that I’d like to share on water conservation, for when the Schumer Hits the Fan (WTSHTF):

Latex or nitrile gloves – Minimizes the use of water for cleaning up after a dirty chore. The nitrile gloves sold by Costco seem to be the strongest and do not oxidize like latex. [JWR Adds: The cost of nitrile gloves bought in bulk is so low, that they are well worth using. They are particularly important to use when handling dyes, paint, strong acids (such as during battery maintenance), strong bases (such as when making soap or when putting lime in an outhouse pit or a carcass pit), pesticides, herbicides, fuel (filling kerosene lamps or transferring gas to or from cans), or motor oil. (Used crank case oil is of particular concern, since it has been identified as a carcinogen.)

Reynold’s Oven Bags – Use inside a cooking pot to minimize clean-up. They can also be used outside a solar cooking to to retain moisture and heat. These shorten the cooking time for both solar and conventional ovens. hey are strong and thin. They can also serve as an impromptu canteen. (Put a couple of them in each outdoor survival kit.)

A small rubber primer bulb for out bard motors – Use as a foot pump for tubing from a water source to a water basin.This provides controlled”one person” water delivery. I use vinyl tubing connected to piece of 1/4″ diameter copper tubing that was bent nearly 90 degrees for the “faucet.” This uses just a small fraction of the water that is normally expended with a traditionally-plumbed sink.

Funnels. – Buy several of these of various shapes and sizes, to reduce spills.

Garden pressure sprayer – Buy a new, clean one (not contaminated with chemicals) to rinse kitchenware. BTW, we found that they had too fine a spray for use as a bathing shower.

Clothes wringer – Efficiently wrings gray water out for wet clothes. This water can be re-used for toilet flushing.

Basins – Use plastic basins to wash and rinse dishes or to hand-wash small batches of laundry .This again saves gray water for re-use.

Whitewater Rafting Dry Bags – Can be used to prevent items from getting wet, or can be used as a “clothes washer.” Add hot water and powdered laundry detergent and agitate.
– Doc Anonymous