Letter Re: Retreat Architecture

Hello from a long-time fan. With some of the discussions going into how to build a home that will be designed with survival in mind, I’d thought that the following may be useful (If you haven’t seen this stuff already).

I’ve been researching extensively differing home structures and came across what the owners of this home call “The Ultimate Secure Home” See: http://www.ultimatesecurehome.com/

Now I’m not advocating anyone buy this place, but it is chock-full “Secure Home”. What scenarios to consider like plague, economic collapse, fire, and items dealing with water support, off-grid power, communications…etc. Also the unique dome-structure itself that has inherent security features which led me to a company called Formworks Building Inc. See: http://www.formworksbuilding.com/ They are experts in designing thin concrete-shelled Earth homes using a unique steel reinforcement structure that (according to them) will cost no more than a standard framed home. Best Regards, – R.G.