Letter Re: Retirement Recommendations

Response to D.R.,

I am in no way qualified to make retirement recommendations for anyone other than myself. In fact, now that we are debt free I enlisted the help of a financial advisor for just that reason. I should clarify a bit concerning our 401K accounts. When I said in the article, “We pulled our money out of the market” we actually just pulled out of equities. We parked the funds in a savings account within our 401K plan, but we actually re-entered equities in 2010. The appreciation of those funds helped us in our war immensely. As for silver and gold I personally consider my meager holdings as a hedge only. We did have to use a portion of our “junk silver” during the war. I also wear a “bug out necklace” of 18K gold daily. I don’t use those assets for retirement planning purposes at this time. – K.D.