Letter Re: Repairing and Refurbishing Traditional Optics

Hi James,
   I just want to pass on a “good job” referral.  I was having difficulty with my Optolyth spotting scope’s coarse focus ring.  It was almost frozen; very hard to turn.  There are several companies in Britain that work on optics, but I wanted to find someone here in the USA, and eventually located Cory Suddarth’s company, SuddarthOptical.com.  Cory is a Navy-trained optical man with 38 years’ experience working with all types of optics.  Located in Henryetta, Oklahoma, he offers very affordable service for practically any make or model binocular or scope.  Families are now finding WWII binoculars in their grandfather’s possessions when they pass away. (I just lost my father-in-law, who was a Corpsman on Iwo Jima), and want to keep them functional.  Cory can completely refurbish old optics, including dismantling [and cleaning] the prisms and re-gluing the lenses to like-new condition.  Even the exteriors are renewed.  Truly fine work.  Check his site and contact him for further info and estimates. – D.A., DVM

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