Letter Re: Prospects for Canada in a Societal Collapse?

Hi Jim,
I just finished your book, “Patriots”, (had trouble putting it down…), and am wondering if you could further expand your thoughts on what would happen in Canada under the same circumstances. There are only a couple of references made to Canada in your book – global socialist country (I believe it was), and Mary mentioning that they had “liberated Canada” at the end.

Obviously I live up here (Southern Alberta), and am currently prepping for TEOTWAWKI. Based your books, what should I be doing different? Or should be aware of? (Other than the outrageous gun controls we have.) Any advice or info is greatly appreciated. Kind regards, – Peter C. in Canada

JWR Replies: I think that some of the rural areas in Canada–especially western Canada–might do better than the U.S., if there is a “Grid up” deep depression. But if the grids go down, the more severe climate will likely result is a significant die-off in Canada, especially in the big cities and suburbs. But at least the cold climate will keep the refugee riffraff in the U.S. from heading in that direction.

There are a few nice exceptions in the Canadian gun and magazine ban, including the M1 Garand. Those will be covered in an upcoming article.