Letter Re: Prepping, World-Wide?

Mr. Rawles;
I had a conversation with a friend and the question came up: “I wonder how the rest of the world is on prepping or is it mostly just the US?”

Can you shed some light on that by any chance? Thanks, – P.W.

JWR Replies: Preparedness is indeed catching on, globally. Just look at the visits map for SurvivalBlog. (We have had visits from 200 countries!) Granted, survivalism is primarily a phenomenon of the English-speaking world, but there is also considerable interest in France, Germany, Russia, Japan, and in the Scandinavian countries. And there probably would be greater interest in the Third World, if not that income levels are so low that it is difficult for most families to get beyond a subsistence level of Hamsterungen. But I have heard from some American travelers that wealthy families in India, Pakistan, Panama, Honduras and several other countries have also been seen stocking up.

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