Letter Re: One Year Food Supply at COSTCO

Just a quick note regarding the posting of “One Year Food Supply at COSTCO”. Just in case Walt G. and others are not aware, that particular food storage system has no meat
In Costco’s THRIVE special, it’s all TVP. True, there is milk and egg protein, but if someone needs actual meat, there isn’t any–it is [soy-based] TVP (textured vegetable protein).
Take care, and thanks, Steve N. in Arizona

JWR Replies: There are other food storage packages on the market that do have real meat. And one alternative is to supplement with real canned meats (such as tuna, salmon, ham, and chicken), or retort packaged meats (such as smoked salmon fillets). These are available in case lots at COSTCO and other Big Box stores. I describe how to do an “11th Hour” food shopping trip at any of these stores in the Rawles Gets You Ready Preparedness Course.