Letter Re: Nixtmalization of Corn


Seasoned readers of Survivalblog may remember a letter on May 28, 2012 referring to “Optimized Corn” presented by ShepherdFarmerGeek. This is a very important article, since it discusses how to transform corn (generally regarded as nutritionally inferior) into a really great source of nutrients. This gringo had no clue what this was all about, but I did “know” corn was Baaaaaad. It is not so, however. The process is called nixtamalization (or liming) and was practiced by early Mexican cultures, but was omitted by Europeans in their preparation of the grain. This mistake was the root cause of Pellagra and other dietary based maladies. I recently ran across a very informative video demonstrating the liming process and the making of both masa and tortillas. Readers may check it in this video: Nixtamalization of Corn to maximize the utilization of its nutrients – M.E.

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