Letter Re: Motorcycles as Bugout Vehicles

Hi James,
After seeing and living through the nightmarish traffic jams and rerouting during the Colorado wildfire last summer, I started thinking about the wisdom and utility of having a motorcycle in SHTF scenarios.
There are pros and cons to it that I can think of, but I’d like other’s opinions.  An off-the-top of my head list:
1)  Bypass traffic jams and stalled/out of commission cars.
2)  Saddle-bags can carry a lot more than than a human
3)  Much faster than on-foot bugout.
4)  Handles off-road with suitable tires
5)  Fewer people could drive it compared to a car, so lower theft risk
6)  Small profile makes it hard to shoot
7)  More maneuverable than a car, harder target to shoot
8)  Very fuel efficient
9)  Can add a trailer for added hauling capacity, limited by bug-out route terrain
1)  Zero protection – rider at high risk
2)  Easy to stop or slow down with chains, cables, fences, etc.
3)  Can’t carry loads of supplies
4)  Gas-powered, not diesel. [With a very few exceptions.]
5)  Difficult to operate when injured
6)  Limited personnel transport capability
7)  Some models headlights are “always on” which is a visibility problem unless you install a secondary switch.
8)  Spare parts may be hard to find
I’m considering trading a diesel sedan I have for one of these, but would love to hear what other people think.
Thanks for your noble work, – E.M.P.

JWR Replies: This has been briefly discussed before in the blog. The general consensus was to buy a fairly quiet dual sport bike with as much cargo capacity as possible. But I welcome additional input.

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