Letter Re: Milt Sparks Holsters


I have to concur with Scot’s article regarding Milt Sparks Holsters. They are in my opinion the finest handmade holsters available on the market today. I would add the following regarding the Summer Special 2 and the Versa Max 2, both of which I own and use. The Summer Special 2 is a low riding IWB holster that works best when made with cowhide rough side out. The belt loops are closer together than on the Versa Max 2, which can cause the holster to shift when moving. The rough side out helps the holster to stay more stable and helps keep it from shifting. Living in Florida I choose holsters made with Horsehide which repels moisture better than cowhide; and in my case the Summer Special 2 made with Horsehide was not the best option.

The Versa Max 2 IWB holster rides higher and tighter to the body and will not shift even when made using horsehide. This holster works so good that I can wear a loose fit T-shirt to cover the gun or with Kydex tuckable clips, wear a loose fit shirt, tucked in and gun will not print. Recently, I needed to go to a local grocery store late at night. I strapped on Versa Max 2 to a Milt Sparks belt and loaded up a full size 1911 and spare magazine. Locked and loaded with only a T-Shirt covering the gun, I navigated the isles of the store with no one noticing the peace of mind, tucked securely behind my right hip. I had a similar situation which required the shirt be tucked in. I used a Versa Max 2 Holster with Kydex tuckable clips to conceal a Browning High Power. Walking the streets past several LEOs, not one even blinked an eye. In both carry situations the Versa Max did its job perfectly. A word of caution, using only a T-shirt to conceal a pistol does have limitations; if you bend at the waist you will print the gun. You must pay close attention to how you pick things up; go from a sitting to standing position and vice versa when wearing only a T-shirt to conceal a pistol. Bottom line, I only trust Milt Sparks for concealed carry holsters.