Letter Re: Making the Last Run


One thing I didn’t notice in his post was learning your store layouts. Most stores are pretty much laid out the same way, but they do on occasion move things around. Notice where everything is and make sure you pay attention each time you visit your local grocery store. Bread and milk are not normally placed together, thus you have to go through the whole store to get both. Milk is usually at the back of the store or at least very near the back, so that you have to go all the way through to get a gallon. This helps insure that you will pick up something you really didn’t intend on buying before you leave the store and thus enhance their sales. How many of us go in for one thing and come out with a dozen? Making sure of your layout will not only speed up your run, especially if it is an emergency situation, but also will help to keep you from impulse buying as you wander around looking for the items you need.