Letter Re: Making a Last Run

Thank you so much for what you’re doing here. I don’t understand people who say they want to prep but won’t put this website on their daily reading list.

In reference to Making a Last Run, at first I was appalled that any prepper would go to the store to stock up on even more food at the last minute. At the time I thought, “Why take away from those who didn’t prepare in advance? Let them get what they can. We already have enough.”

Then I read the letter stating that with a 10-year larder it wasn’t necessary for them to make a last run, and I wondered how do you rotate 10 years worth of canned fruit or beans? I have trouble with just my one year (or so) since we quit eating canned or packaged foods. This letter also lead me to thinking about our kids.

Today as I was preparing to go to the store, I realized two valid reasons to make a last run. First, I noticed I was down on items (of course, it’s been four months since I went), but I also saw cans of food that we don’t often eat getting near their expiration date (or past…sigh). So if a disaster occurred today, I wouldn’t be as prepared as I would like. Perhaps that’s a good enough reason to make a last run. (Although there is a big part of me that still says, “You already have lots, don’t take food away from those who have so much less.”)

Secondly, I believe there is another very justifiable reason to make that last run and that is if our out-of-state kids come because they won’t be able to bring massive amounts of food. We will pray they just get here safely. That leaves us to prepare for them, but how do I prepare for eight extra people and rotate food that we rarely eat ourselves because it’s outside our normal diet? I can’t rotate food enough for 10 people when there’s only two of us eating.

That’s where a last run would come in very, very handy.

A huge thank you to all the contributors. One never stops learning.

Blessings, SM