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My fiance and I really appreciate the work that you do at SurvivalBlog.com. We are Reformers who are trying to figure out our strategy as I speak. We live in British Columbia and were looking to South America, but realize that maybe being in English-speaking remote BC would be a better idea. I am a horse/farm girl. He has always been a city boy. I know the meaning of hard work, and I am taking everything sometimes too seriously. (I think I over focus.)

I am actually just reading Jim’s novel Founders.

At any rate, I thought that on your list of lists there needs to be another tab or additions on the home tab. (Well, I will be adding these to my list of lists anyway.)

  • Music (guitar and sheet music) and flutes. A piano is always a good thing, if one is really stationary.
  • Homemade paints (milk paint) and paint brushes.
  • Homemade Ink and papermaking.
  • Knitting needles and knitting books and wool.
  • Candle-making equipment and supplies.

I suppose these are less important than say food, but these things sweeten life. They are also good barter items and useful when there is no electricity.

You (JWR) are right; we have about 80-90 times around the sun. May we use our time wisely. Thanks – KLW

HJL Replies: You are doing exactly what is intended with the “List of Lists”. It would be impossible to create a list that fits everyone, and the one provided by JWR on SurvivalBlog.com is intended to get you started. Most of the items are common items that nearly everyone needs, but there will be items that you don’t need. You should remove those from your copy of the list. You should add items that are important to you. For myself, a guitar would be bulky and worthless, since the only instrument I can play is the radio. Certain members of my family might suggest differently though. Everyone needs to customize that list with exactly what fits their lifestyle and needs.

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