Letter Re: Law Enforcement Officers

Everyone should get a copy of a book titled, The Third Alternative: Christian Self Government, written by Bill Burtness, A Christian with a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering.

The book illustrates that when individuals operate in conduct based on moral relativism (everyone does right in their own eyes), that a large band of law enforcement is needed to keep boundaries or order within society. With that liberal creed, and with so many truths circulating – the LAW automatically becomes alive and with brut force to align everyone. However, the author insightfully points out that when individuals emulate God’s law, there is no need to have law enforcement in such force because now everyone is emulating one truth, one adherence to a common code of conduct. That is, the highest class of law abiding citizen– emulating God’s love for one another. He illustrates in great detail that is how Heaven is governed, through God’s love on human hearts, and there is no law enforcement in Heaven. – X-liberal