Letter Re: How to Prepare a Refugee Bug Out Bag

Hi Hugh,

I just want to quickly reply to the post after having first-hand experience in Europe witnessing the refugee flow. Backpacks and roller bags are what many had for a bag. This was, I believe, owing to the fact that boat, bus, and train travel was extensively used by the Middle East refugees. They planned their travel. They also were overwhelmingly young men, capable of hauling more weight on average. I would have guessed by the very modern attire everyone wore, that their bags contained clothing and toiletries. They were well groomed and clean looking refugees! Charles T suggests carrying. However, any of those refugees carrying would have been minimally arrested but more likely shot dead. Also, what Charles T didn’t state, at least yet, is to carry a phone and cash. These weren’t people without at least some money, which was pooled to rent a hotel for example, and all had a cell phone. To sum it up, they were seeking refuge, not looking to pitch camp. They relied on the “host countries” to provide minimum service and they also heavily relied on those going before them to update them of things via phone. Europe’s infrastructure is better suited than the U.S. for rapid mass public transit movements of people (remember Katrina?). Bug in whenever you can! – JJ in Wisconsin