Letter Re: Five Stages of Survival Grief


Regarding the article The Five Stages of Survival Grief , Dr Bob may be at “acceptance” at what he disclosed in his opening paragraph, but I am still at “anger” and don’t know if that will change any time soon.

First a hearty welcome back to the good doctor! We have missed your valued contributions to this blog. I only know Doctor from this blog and having purchased some of his products previously advertised here. I presume it was the sale of those products that got him in hot water with the regulators. It “irks” me no end that this man was more “forward thinking” than the vast majority of his peers and surely all of the “regulators” that he would provide access to products that can save lives and spare needless suffering, and for that he got “hauled off” and stripped of his livelihood. It’s disgusting actually and, folks, yet another example of how this country is not “fixable”. – B.J.

Hugh Replies: It is good to hear from Dr Bob again, and we will certainly keep both him and his family in our prayers. Grief is often a subject that we just don’t think about until we are experiencing it, and this article was spot on. I fear that his story will become more common with the advent of the (un)Affordable Health Care Act.

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