Letter Re: Eye for Eyes

B.A. makes some very valid points. I have worn glasses all of my life for distance and now need them for small print as well. During my most recent annual exam, the doctor told me I was developing cataracts. In all my years of going for eye exams, I had never been told, until that visit, that to slow the progression of cataracts sunglasses should become my best friend. I was advised those with lenses rated at UV 400 were the best. I have found one type by a company called Cocoon, and there are others that make sunglasses to fit over glasses (not the clip-on shades). These have side panels as well to block out the maximum UV rays from any angle. I have found some el cheapo sunglasses but given I want to slow the progression of this condition, the higher bucks for maximum UV protection is worth it for me. I got fitted locally and plan to order online, which is about $15 cheaper. Sunglasses and wide-brimmed hats will definitely be a necessity, if we become more agrarian in a SHTF scenario. – M.B.