Letter Re: Coastal Southwestern Oregon as a Retreat Locale

Howdy Mr. Rawles;
I live up on the south coast of Oregon, I live close to adjoining Del Norte County, California.

These areas are very low in population density, lot’s of good fresh water, good fishing and hunting, lot’s of agricultural land good grazing land and a decent climate/ (There are few freezes, no snow, and very little ice.)

Del Norte is a little better than southern Oregon because there is more farm and grazing land and it’s far far away from large  cities, railroads and major freeways and a slightly better climate. But on the down side, it’s still in California! The south Oregon coast is even more isolated than Del Norte. The one major road to it is narrow and prone to landslides to the north. The road to the Rogue valley is narrow, twisting, long and also prone to slides. Because of this, the south Oregon coast will be easy to keep isolated as there are few bridges over the rivers and they can be easily blocked as can that road from the Rogue Valley.

One thing you forgot to remember is that WTSHTF, oil [and all oil-derived products] will be scarce or unavailable! You cannot depend upon a internal combustion engine to be reliable transportation.You will need to settle in a area that’s not up on top of some hill, too exposed, too far from town, no agricultural land or grazing, worse climate. A little elevation on a south slope is desirable if there is good agricultural land nearby.

You may end up on “shank’s mare” or a bicycle for transportation.

Go to Google Earth to get a close look at these areas and see for yourself.

For light, I would not depend upon a battery flashlight, a shake or crank flashlight, lamp and radio would be far better. Know how to make fire without matches!

Don’t depend only on a rifle to get game, learn to make traps, snares and “primitive” weapons like bows, arrows and spears. The are also much quieter. Learn to knap stone and to heat treat the right kind of stone to make it easier to knap.

Ammo will be limited or even unavailable WTSHTF!

The book Survival Skills of Native California is a good one to acquire. There is lots to learn there on how to live off the land from north to south.

There is much to learn and too little time left to learn it, the sooner you start the better. – Sheila from the South Coast of Oregon