Letter Re: Can You Buy a Budget Sniping Rifle That Is Effective?

SB editors,

That’s an interesting read on sniping rifles; thanks for posting. I would like to bring your attention to a detailed 80+ YouTube video series on long-range marksmanship, Sniper 101 by Tiborsaurus Rex.

The author is a bit long-winded and spreads out 15 minutes of good info into 20-30 minutes, but it’s still worth passing on to your readers. I’m up to video 38; so far it’s been a very informative series, and I’ve adjusted some of my cyber-Monday purchases after hearing his discussion on equipment choices (i.e. single-power mili-rad scope and spotting scope).

The author also has a few faith-based videos that I intend to view after completing the long-range series. – FooBarr

HJL Responds: I took a look at a random sampling of his sniping videos as well as comments and reviews. His videos are an excellent resource! The main point of his shooting style is to achieve a cold bore, 1st shot capability, and he demonstrates it multiple times with multiple calibers with ranges exceeding 1300 meters. This is probably one of the best instructional series I have viewed on the subject. I also spent considerable time viewing his faith-based videos, and I am confident that he speaks truth.