Letter Re: Bug Out Boats (Inflatables) and Folding Bikes

Dear Editor,

I notice you have been running a lot of comments regarding Bug Out Boats. Overlooked in the discussions is any mention of small inflatables. If a person has a folding bicycle and a small inflatable, they have an option of being able to travel by land or water very quietly. If you do some research, it is very possible to find a small freshwater river or lake that has a small island or inaccessible shore line that can be used as a place to stay in case of widespread civil unrest. If a person went to the area ahead of time and left a cache of food and supplies and did not make themselves too noticeable, they might be able to hide out even in relatively densely populated areas.

I like the ability to be able to carry a boat on a bike. One of my favorite movies has always been The Great Escape. In the movie, the only three people who make their escape is one by bicycle and two by a rowboat. Why not combine the two? There are several lightweight pack rafts on the market and many folding bikes to chose from. I recommend the full size, 26-inch folding bikes for traveling long distances; you can get them used on Craigslist for $200. Lightweight pack rafts are available too but are quite expensive. On the other hand, you can get inexpensive Intex inflatables for under $80 on amazon, and if you add a folding floorboard you will be able to add a sail or attach motor mounts or rowing gear. Rafts paddle poorly. If your island or shore is not nearby in calm winds or water, it will be hard to paddle to your destination. You will need to take advantage of winds and current or improvise a way to row or sail. Bugging out with a folding bike and raft will not be suitable for all people and all locations, but it is a wonderful option to have up your sleeve, and if a suitable location exists in your area it may be a way to bug out inexpensively and discreetly.

If you want to see how easy it is to add a folding wood floorboard to an inexpensive inflatable to increase its usefulness, here is a video on the subject. There are also videos on adding sails to rafts. – R.M.